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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

About AATO Chapters

Your local chapter is an excellent place to learn more about the association and what it is doing for you the members.

If you have any questions about the association bring them to your local chapter’s next meeting. Chapter meetings also count towards both your intern accreditation program and the continuing professional development program.

Use the quicklist on the left to visit our Chapter’s profiles and find out more about them or use the menu below to navigate to a Chapter’s profile.


C.1 Chapter Accreditation

C.1.1 Any group of accredited members of the Association in any geographical area of the Province of Ontario upon application to and the written accreditation of the Council of the Association will be recognized as a Chapter of the Association and will be known by the name of the prominent municipality in the applicable geographical area.

C.1.2 The Council of the Association has the sole right to accredit Chapters of the Association and retains the sole right to remove accreditation and disband Chapters.

C.2. Purpose

C.2.1 The purpose of the Chapter is to further the aims and objectives of the Association, subject to the direction and control of the Council of the Association, so as to attain maximum presence and participation at the local level.

C.2.2 The activities and presence of the Chapter is subject to and in no way autonomous from the Council of the Association and the province wide membership of the Association.

C.2.3 The function, activity and administration of the Chapter are primarily subject to all articles of the Chapter, By-laws of the Association and the direction and control of the Association.

C.3 Administration

C.3.1 The Chapter shall be governed by a Chapter Board of a minimum of five (5) Board members to consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, all of whom shall be Accredited Members, plus two (2) other Board Members.

C.3.2 All Board Members shall be elected for a two year term at a proper meeting of the Chapter membership by majority vote of all members in good standing, such meeting being held during the first four months of each calendar year. Board Members shall be elected in rotation as much as possible. Nominations for Board members may be placed by the Board and by the Chapter membership prior to the meeting where the vote is taken.

C.3.3 Notice of Chapter meetings for the election of Board Members shall be given to the Chapter Members in writing at least three weeks prior to the date of the meeting along with the nominations put forward by the Chapter Board.

C.3.4 Chapter Board members may be re-elected for not more than three consecutive terms.

C.3.5 The positions and functions on the Chapter Board shall be decided by the Board in the first Board meeting after the election. The Chapter membership and the Council of the Association shall be informed of the names of the Board Members elected to the various positions within the Board as soon as possible.


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