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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario


What is the registration process for the AATO chapter seminars?

There is no registration process for the Chapter Seminars; members are welcome to attend chapter seminars. Please refer Chapters section for further information.

What are the fees for membership at the AATO?

All members applying have to pay a $ 125.00 Non Refundable Application Fee + HST

Student Associate Members pay $ 35.00 annually + HST

Intern Associate Members pay $ 250.00 annually + HST

Architectural Technicians and Registered Building Technicians pay $225.00 annually + HST

Architectural Technologists and Registered Building Technologists pay $ 275.00 annually + HST

How many times per year are the AATO exams offered?

At present, the exams are only available in the Spring an Fall  of each year.

Is there a limit on how many times you may write the exam?

It’s best to spend the time and study to pass on the first attempt but we normally allow one re-write. After that, the member is required to re-attend our lecture series unless they demonstrate their abilities to the Certification Board.

What are our limitations with respect to the BCIN process in terms of what we, as designers may take on for a project?

Your limitations are governed now by your qualifications under your BCIN qualifications. For example, you need to complete the exams to be able to practice in the area you wish to work in The House, Large Buildings, Complex Buildings, etc.

Is it necessary for a member to attend all the AATO chapter seminars?

No, it is not necessary for a member to attend AATO Chapter seminars, but by attending a member can learn more about upcoming developments in the architectural technology field and network with fellow technologists

What are the courses offered through the AATO, what is the procedure for enlisting?

Please consult with your respective Chapters to confirm if any courses are being offered by them. Any information on courses offered would be on the AATO Website.

What is the procedure to purchase any Building Course materials from the AATO at discounted member rates?

All member discounts are listed on the website or are made available through taking a specific course.

What do I do to acquire a BCIN number? How does it affect my membership status with the AATO?

You will be issued with one when you complete any MMA exam and become qualified.

 I have more than 15 years of work experience, is it still required for me to write the AATO accreditation exams?

Yes, our standard of care requires that you write our exams.

I have not been working for the past 1 year; do I still need to pay my membership dues for that year?

A member may be exempted from paying their annual membership dues only under special circumstances and after applying to the AATO Council in writing for such an exemption. Any exemption is entirely at the discretion of the council and it depends upon the individual case or circumstance.

How can I get my information on the AATO website? Is there a cost involved?

All accredited members of the AATO with liability insurance may have their business information listed on the AATO availability listing. Members can send a request for the same to the AATO Office.  For other advertising opportunities and costs please contact the AATO Office

I am working in the industry for a number of years, and I am going back to school to complete my graduation. How can I apply for membership?

If you are already a member with us, depending upon the status of your membership, your courses and seminars taken during the period of your education will be credited towards your upgrading. You may also be entitled to fee reductions during the time frame of being a student, without losing your membership status.**

If you are a prospective member, we would suggest that you apply for your membership once you have enrolled as a student. If considering part time education, the work experience gained during that period would be considered towards the upgrading of your membership.

May I use my M.A.A.T.O outside of Ontario?

Yes, M.A.A.T.O. is recognized in other provinces, the U.S., Bermuda and other countries.

Is every member entitled to an AATO stamp?

No, every AATO member is not entitled to the stamp. Stamps are issued only to accredited Technologist members in good standing who have liability insurance. Students and other associates are not entitled to the Stamp.

What is the Availability Listing and how do I add my name?

Accredited members carrying insurance can be listed on the Association’s Availability Listing.  This list is available to the public via Trade Shows, on our website or on request from our office.  If you are interested in having your name included, please provide a copy of your insurance acceptance document, together with a business card.


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