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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

Continuing Professional Development

Remember we are “innovators” with respect to this program in our industry. Other organizations have since implemented similar programs.

In 1997 the AATO Council implemented the Continuing Professional Development Program following approval from the members at the 1996 Annual General Meeting.

As part of the Continuing Professional Development Program, accredited members are presently required to undertake a minimum of 35 hours over a 2 year period of Continuing Professional Development.

At the February 2005 Council Meeting, on a recommendation from the Chair of the CPD Committee, council agreed to amend the requirements for members to submit a three (3) year Personal Development Plan document; subsequently this was removed as one of the requirements in the CPD program.

Accredited members are now required to submit one CPD Form to the AATO office, indicating a record of their CPD undertaken in the past year. The form should be completed and submitted yearly to assist in maintaining their records current. The CPD Form is available for members to download from the AATO web site.

Example of activities that qualify towards CPD credits include:

  • all chapter related activities are acceptable
  • aato`s lecture series attendance
  • construction, business and fine arts courses related to Architectural Technology.
  • conferences, seminars and trade shows
  • educational programs and approved training video

Members are reminded that should you not meet the CPD program requirements you will receive a written Notice from the AATO office, issued by the CPD Committee for failure to comply with the CPD program and for not having submitted your CPD forms at the end of a year term. It will result in the individual being in violation of the Code of Ethics. The member will be placed on a twelve (12) month notice to comply with the CPD program requirements.

The individual must in this twelve (12) month period submit and complete all CPD documentation or make a written appeal to the CPD Committee. The Committee will review the appeal and documentation and make a recommendation or request an interview with the member. If the appeal is rejected or the member fails to submit documentation certifying CPD completion, the Chair of the CPD Committee will issue a written notice to the member and council on the final result. Council will impose disciplinary action against a member that is in violation of the Code of Ethics (see Item 2 below). The result could be a lost of voting rights for the remainder of the CPD term.

We will provide additional information to the members if any future changes are implemented to the CPD Program. The Committee can be reached by sending your questions or constructive comments and suggestions to the AATO office.

Chair, Continuing Professional Development Committee

Excerpt from the Code of Ethics:

Item 2. A member shall follow a program of continuing education and maintain a level of proficiency that will meet the needs of the public.

CPD Activity Codes:
EDU Educational Course or Seminar (Directly related to Architectural Technology)
PA Participation (in Association activities such as an AGM or on a committee)
HSW Health, Safety & Welfare (Minimum of 75% of course or seminar content covers knowledge and practice of Architectural Technology that focuses on protection of the public & the environment)



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