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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

Association Information

“Architectural Technologists are the cornerstone of building design and management”

AATO is the only qualifying body for Architectural Technologists in Ontario. Under power of legislation (Bill Pr 40, An Act respecting the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario, 1996), only members of AATO have privilege to use the title “Architectural Technologist”. Reserved designation is: M.A.A.T.O. for Architectural & Registered Building Technologists.

The objectives of the Association are:

(a) To provide an Association within Ontario for qualified Architectural Technologists for the purpose of advancing their status and welfare and increasing their knowledge, skill and proficiency and granting accreditation to such persons;

(b) To foster by all appropriate means the attainment of the highest standard of quality and competence in the field of Architectural Technology;

(c) To establish, maintain and enforce strict rules of ethical conduct for members of the Association in the field of Architectural Technology;

(d) To inform the public, in a suitable and ethical manner, of the purposes and aims of the Association.

AATO exerts an influence on the entire field of Architectural Technology, from basic education to senior levels of practice. The Association provides a common meeting ground for improved communication and dissemination of specific knowledge within the field of Architectural Technology.

AATO has, in addition to Newsletters, student awards programs and facilities in place at the local level in the form of Chapters which afford the members direct involvement in Association business.


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